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WaterSaver Landscape Coupon

Transform your landscape and get a coupon from SAWS to help you pay for every 200 square feet of grass you remove — saving water and money!

How It Works

  • STEP 1: Take Photos

    Take photos of where you plan to remove grass and install your new garden bed.

  • STEP 2: Apply

    Apply online for the $100 Coupon and attach the photo you took of the location of your future garden bed.

  • STEP 3: Remove Lawn and Sprinklers

    Remove at least 200 square feet of grass per coupon and any sprinklers. That’s about the size of an average parking space.

  • STEP 4: Shop and Get Gardening

    Redeem your plant coupon at a participating vendor. Select 15 plants in any combination. Then plant them to create a contiguous 200-square-foot garden bed. After you redeem your coupon, you will receive an email with a link to submit photos for inspection. Save that email.

  • STEP 5: Send Final Photos

    Once you’ve completed your beds, take photos and find the email we sent you when you redeemed your coupon. Open the inspection form in the email and attach your photos to that form and send it to SAWS. Do not attach to the email.

  • STEP 6: Conservation Review

    Photos will be reviewed against program criteria. Successful participants receive a $50 eCoupon for mulch. Participants not meeting the criteria for success will be contacted via email with ideas on how to make them successful. Until then they are ineligible for additional programs.

Coupon covers only a portion of the costs at participating vendors.

You must purchase 15 plants from the approved WaterSaver Coupon list (no substitutions). Small plants must be purchased in 1 gallon containers and small trees in 5 gallon containers.

Redeem your eCoupons from your mobile device at participating stores. A cashier will enter the store code on your mobile device to validate the coupon. Note: You will be required to submit photos of your completed project in order to be eligible for more coupons or other conservation programs.

Got Sprinklers?


Homeowners with an irrigation system must schedule a free SAWS irrigation consultation to qualify for a coupon. Call 210-704-SAVE (7283) or request your consultation online.

If you’re creating a hand-watered bed, you’ll need to cap all the irrigation heads and remove drip lines in the area where you will install beds or patios.

If changes are required to your system are extensive, you may also qualify for our residential irrigation design cash rebate, which may further defray the cost of your project.

Eligible customers will receive an email with their Landscape eCoupon(s) within two weeks. It will be sent to the email address provided in the application.


Customers who apply for multiple coupons will receive them in separate emails. Each coupon may only be used once with a single vendor. If you receive multiple coupons, you may use each one at different participating vendors.

The Fine Print

SAWS residential customers can apply for up to four WaterSaver Landscape and/or Patioscape coupons seasonally. Combine up to four total Landscape and Patioscape coupons any way you like.

There is a lifetime limit of eight coupons per service account.

SAWS reserves the right to inspect new beds and patios installed with this coupon.

Existing landscape beds are not eligible for this program. Customers may expand existing beds as long as 200 square feet of grass is removed.

Nursery partner prices, customer plant selection and plant size will determine the plant package’s final cost. SAWS does not guarantee availability nor dictate prices for participating nurseries.

SAWS reserves the right to use photos submitted on this application for program promotions. Identifying information as to customer name and address will not be used on selected photos.


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