Rebate Agreement – Water Flow Sensor Rebate

Find out what you need for the device to work and all the program details.


Rebate Agreement

Thank you for your interest in the SAWS Flow Sensor Rebate Program, a program designed to offer a rebate on flow sensor devices at a reduced cost to approved customers. By applying for the SAWS Flow Sensor Rebate Program, you agree to and acknowledge the following:

  • Flow sensor devices are relatively new products within water conservation; SAWS cannot guarantee the life of the product or company.
  • SAWS may request data from a flow sensor device vendor to understand water flow patterns as well as activation date of the device. I understand SAWS will know when and where the flow sensor device is activated through data sharing between SAWS and the vendor.
  • I will be billed for water consumption based only on measurements from the SAWS meter. Flow sensors provides detailed information on daily water use. Its reading will sometimes not match the total monthly reads from the water meter, which are read in different units with read dates that may not coincide with the calendar month.
  • I confirm that the SAWS water account is in my name and I have authority at this property to accept and implement this program.
  • The offer my property received is nontransferable. The flow sensor device must be installed at the property associated with the account that received the offer (SAWS has an agreement with vendors to know when and where devices are activated). Limit one rebate per account.
  • Flow sensor devices attached to the utility meter are designed with a specific type of meter currently used within the SAWS system. It is possible that at a future date, SAWS may choose to upgrade to a different type of meter than would no longer be compatible with the device. If this occurs, it is likely to be in connection with an effort to provide electronic meter reading services that would provide an alternate source of consumption data to customers.
  • Flume Flow Sensors may not be installed on meters in the ConnectH2O pilot program​. If you are unsure whether the meter at your property is part of the program, call us at 210-704-SAWS (7297).
  • Some devices require professional installation. Please refer to the SAWS Device Table for approved flow sensor devices and their requirements.
  • I will receive a rebate for my approved flow sensor device once SAWS confirms with the device vendor that it has been installed and activated. Only then will SAWS issue out rebates.
  • A licensed installer or I will complete the installation of the flow sensor device. The person completing installation must be capable of bending over the SAWS meter box and ensuring installation according to instructions. The installer must be capable of connecting a smart device to the home Wi-Fi.
  • Flow sensor devices approved by SAWS provides their own technical support for any installation questions and technical challenges; SAWS nor its representatives will provide technical support for your device.
  • The flow sensor device will be bought from and shipped by the vendor. I understand the device will not come from nor be shipped by SAWS.
  • My property needs reliable Wi-Fi.
  • The property must have a Wi-Fi router intended for home use. Commercial properties should ensure their meter is compatible and they can connect other smart devices to their company network before purchasing a flow sensor. Consult your company’s IT professional if you are unsure.
  • Flow sensor devices depend on connectivity within the home (and for ones installed outside from the meter to the home). If connectivity is  lost temporarily and then restored, it can impact the way data appears in the app.
  • I need a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet with app-accessibility and will download the vendor’s app to it. Note: The user interface is primarily designed for single family residential customers. Some messages or information may not be applicable if you are monitoring a multifamily property.
  • I can receive vendor notifications when sent through a mobile app. Feedback on the notifications is an important component. I understand that if I disable these messages I could miss key information such as increases in my water use or a leak detection.

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