The Path to Less Grass

A large lawn requires a lot of water, time and maintenance — now and in the future. Why not give up some grass? There are many more cool things you can do with your outdoor space.

When designing or redesigning your yard, consider for a moment whether you actually need grass. Many people install costly irrigation systems and grass because they assume they need both. Why not minimize lawn areas and get rid of the irrigation system, too? There could be money in your future.

If you determine you need grass, then ask yourself what are the reasons or purpose for it? After determining the purpose, plant only as much grass as you need — no more. Grass requires a lot of water, a lot of time and a lot of maintenance, now and in the future. And, there are so many other cool things you can do with your outdoor space.

Once you’ve decided to minimize your lawn or, even better, eliminate it altogether, let’s talk gardens! When replacing your grass with garden beds, try to incorporate the following elements:

  • Vertical element – a tree or trunking yucca.
  • Structure – cacti or agave.
  • Texture – creeping fluffy groundcovers.
  • Movement – ornamental grasses.
  • Year-round interest – evergreen vs deciduous and a balance of the two.
  • Color – foliage is a color with shades of green and variegation, too.

The choices are almost endless here in south central Texas. Just peruse our plant database for several sunny and shady native plants, as well as many well-adapted non-natives. You may even discover some plants you hadn’t considered. Learning and growing is what gardening is all about.

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