Plan Your Coupon Project


Coupons Expire Nov. 15

Plan Your Coupon Project

Turn your turf-heavy yard into a more sustainable, water-saving landscape that adds interest – and value – to your home.


Why Replace Your Lawn?

In Central Texas, water is the hot commodity. Replacing your lawn with WaterSaver landscaping plants and a patio can reduce your water use, save money and create a more interesting and beneficial yard.

Design Your Coupon Project



WaterSaver Design Layouts


Less yard work.

Promotes a healthy ecosystem.

More sustainable and appropriate to Central Texas.   

Prep Your Yard


video icon  Measuring 200 Square Feet
Use measuring wheels, tapes or other tools from your garden shed.


video icon Removing Grass

There are several ways to remove your grass.


video icon Sun vs. Shade

Determine your site’s exposure and learn the difference between sun and shade.

Inspiring Ideas for Your Outdoor Oasis


WaterSaver Gardens with Style

Imagine the possibilities for your landscape.

Creative Coupon Designs

Inviting yards to inspire your landscape look.

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Final Inspection Checklists

SAWS will use these checklists to review photo(s) for each home that has redeemed a WaterSaver Landscape or Patioscape Coupon. The landscape must pass the inspection for the homeowner to be eligible for any future SAWS Conservation programs.

Landscape Coupon Photo Inspection

  • Bed size must be at least 200 square feet per landscape coupon redeemed.
  • Is there organic or inorganic mulch in the bed?
  • Does the bed appear to be new?
  • Are sprinkler heads absent from planting area?
  • Are plants from the package planted in the bed?
  • Are the plants in good condition?

Patioscape Coupon Photo Inspection

  • Patioscape size (minimum 200 square feet per coupon).
  • Is there any plant material in the patioscape?
  • Does the patioscape appear to be new?
  • Is the patio permeable (lets water through)?
  • Are spray heads/rotors or drip lines absent in the new patioscape area?

Done with your project? The final step is to send in photos of your completed project for inspection.

WaterSaver Coupon Plant List


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Plan Your Coupon Project

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