Near and Deer

Hungry deer will nibble on anything, even the so-called “deer-resistant” plants in your landscape. But you can help discourage them from gorging on your garden.

Once deer have established a comfort level and grazing routine around your lawn, they’ll make repeat visits for the foreseeable future.

Deer are creatures of habit, but these tips may help alter their routine.

Cage it – To protect new plants, look into making protective cages. Any new planting will need a temporary cage or fencing for protection until its roots are strong enough to keep tugging teeth from yanking it out.

Create roadblocks – Dense, spiny plantings can make effective barriers (if wide enough) around established trees and shrubs. Agaves and primrose jasmine are particularly effective and attractive too!

Toughen up your landscape – Aim for the thorniest, oiliest, fuzziest and smelliest plants! Not surprisingly, these are the most familiar and successful landscape plants for the Hill Country – damianitasumacagarita, lantana, salvia and rosemary.

Remember, a hungry deer will nibble on anything. Protect new plantings with cages and use aromatic or prickly native plants to keep deer from entering your lawn. You don’t want your landscape to become the new trendy eatery for local deer, do you?

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