Let Me Call You Sweetheart Rose

The Sweetheart Rose is ideally suited for smaller, very sunny yards. Lucky for you, it’s also an EarthKind rose and is included in the spring 2016 WaterSaver Landscape Coupon plant list.

The Sweetheart Rose, also known as Cecile Brunner, is a small rose bush that produces a staggering amount of sweet-smelling blooms starting in spring and continuing until frost.

This year with our mild winter some haven’t even stopped blooming yet. The blossom clusters of soft, silvery-pink petals resemble miniature hybrid tea roses. They are found throughout San Antonio, especially in historic neighborhoods as Cecile Brunner roses were developed in 1881.

Like all roses and most plants with thorns, they do best in full sun and are ideally suited for smaller, very sunny yards. Once established they need little additional water except in the driest stretches of summer. They grow to about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide and should be planted about 5 feet apart to ensure good air circulation.

The Cecile Brunner sweetheart rose is an EarthKind rose so it’s included in our WaterSaver Landscape Coupon plant list. Try grouping with other sun-loving coupon selections such as oregano and rosemary.

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