Got Heaps of Homegrown Produce? Eat Some, Save the Rest!

With the abundant rains we’ve received this spring, those with vegetable gardens are likely reaping huge rewards from seeds and transplants set out in early spring.

But what do we do with all this produce? Well, eat it, freeze it or give it away, of course!

  • Eating homegrown vegetables is an excellent way to teach children where our food really comes from. And if a child has helped tend to those veggies out in the garden, they’re sure to eat them and relish in the hard work they’ve done — and appreciate hardworking farmers next time they eat vegetables from the grocery store.
  • If you’re like me and canning is daunting, consider washing, slicing/dicing your veggies and freezing them in food-safe storage containers. This way, you can enjoy your harvests long after your spring garden has faded. If you do want to learn to preserve, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office periodically offers classes on basic food preservation.
  • Lastly, the excess produce from our garden makes a lovely and welcome gift to family and friends, as well as to a local charity or shelter of your choice. Your homegrown produce is tended with love and attention, who wouldn’t appreciate receiving that special gift?

Gardening is a wonderful catalyst to help children develop a love and appreciation of fresh, nutritious food. Eat fresh, give often.


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