Arbor Amazing!

Are you looking for a dramatic change to your garden landscape? Then consider an arbor!

Arbors can hold vines, frame a view, create an entrance and a lot more. So start looking for that perfect spot.

What defines an arbor? An arbor:

  • Is a vertical structure that’s larger than a trellis, but usually not as massive as a pergola;
  • Is made of wood or iron;
  • Can incorporate seating.

Traditionally, an arbor is used to designate an entrance to the garden, but it’s also a great way to add height. And vines are perfectly suited for this application. One of my favorites is the purple passion vine. The blooms are dramatic and have a pleasing fragrance. Another fragrant, bloom-laden option is star jasmine.

Give some thought to the plantings around your arbor as well. Make it a focal point in your landscaping and an inviting place to spend the evening enjoying all that nature has to offer.

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