Hummingbird Garden

A backyard that’s popping with carefree summer color is great for both homeowners AND hummingbirds. Bonus: All these flowers are natural watersavers.

Hummingbird garden landscape sketch.

Hummingbirds Make You Smile

Hummingbirds are present in San Antonio year round, but if you’d like them to visit your yard on their daily rounds, you’ll need a wildscape with plenty of nectar flowers and perches nearby. Although they’ll often appear at yuccas, specimen plants and even sprinklers, they appreciate larger groupings of sunflowers, firebushes and Turk’s cap, so they can meticulously scan hundreds of flowers (and edible insects) with minimal effort.

This wildscape assumes an informal shape in an 800-square-foot backyard, so it can easily be arranged to accommodate pathways, small lawns and larger sizes. An ornamental tree has been included with sages and acanthus laid out on both sides so competing hummingbirds can forage simultaneously. If there are oaks or other large trees nearby, they may even build nests!

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