Anonymous water waste reporting 101

Water conservation is a community effort. You can help us conserve our most precious resource by reporting water waste when you see it.

Have you witnessed water waste around town? There are two easy ways to anonymously report the waste of our valuable water resources.

The best way to report is online. Our online form makes it easy to put down key information and even submit photos of what you saw. Remember to be specific about time and location of the water waste violation. Without a point source or specific address, it’s difficult for us to determine who to follow up with.

If you don’t have internet access, you can call us 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our team will be happy to file the water waste report for you.

We receive hundreds of reports a week, so please have patience. Of course, if you see a water waste violation on multiple occasions at the same location, make sure to submit a separate report for each time you witness it. Locations with multiple reports are flagged for further investigation.

Thank you for helping us conserve our most precious resource.

Emma Jones
Emma Jones
Emma Jones is a Planner for the SAWS Conservation Department. She has a background in plant ecology and has worked a variety of jobs including farmer, carpenter, and cheese monger. Growing up in the arid west gave her serious respect for water and the native plants that can thrive without it. In her spare time, Emma enjoys exploring the city on her bike, hiking in the hills, cooking up something spicy, and loud music of all kinds.
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