Roll With It: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This new year, make a concerted effort to be more eco-friendly and water-wise. You can start in your yard by reducing, reusing and recycling. Of course, this website is geared toward helping you reduce your water footprint while still maintaining a great-looking yard.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Reduce: How low can you go? The weekly watering recommendations you receive in this newsletter are determined for full sun grass on 4 or more inches of soil. Your established perennials and trees need much less – about half the amount. Have a permanent irrigation system? Set it to manual, and use it only as needed.
  • Reuse: Instead of purchasing mulch, follow Mother Nature’s lead and leave leaves where they fall. Live oak leaves make beautiful mulch that’s cheap and long-lasting. Mulch your leaves to fertilize your grass, or just rake them into your beds to use as mulch.
  • Recycle: Homemade compost not only benefits your garden but also keeps useful material out of the landfill. San Antonio’s hot, humid climate makes it easy to compost your vegetable scraps such as peelings and citrus rinds. Egg shells and coffee grounds are tried-and-true additions to the garden and compost pile.

Cheers to conservation-friendly ways!

Dana Nichols
Dana Nichols
As conservation manager at SAWS, Dana gets to spend her days promoting beautiful San Antonio landscapes that need little to no water while benefiting Texas wildlife. When she’s not working with her talented co-workers whipping up new landscape programs, she’s cooking up delicious dinners made with fresh herbs from her low-water-use garden or planning the next trip with her husband, Rick -- preferably to some exotic place that requires a passport.
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