WaterSaver Irrigation Consultation

Did you know your irrigation system can use more water in a week than your family uses in a month!? Together, let’s find out how much water and money you can save!

Irrigation Benefits

How It Works

SAWS offers Irrigation Consultations to residential homeowners with irrigation systems. This free service can involve no contact between the consultant and the homeowners if you prefer. Homeowners may remain in their homes for the duration of the consultation if they would like.

Consultations will last no more than one hour. The consultant will let you know their findings in person or over the phone. With your permission, they will set your irrigation controller to save water while protecting your landscape. Their findings and your personalized irrigation rebate offer will be left for you in writing.  

Check out the FAQ for more details on this service below. To schedule a FREE Irrigation Consultation, call 210-704-SAVE (7283).

After your consultation, you can find a summary of your irrigation report online at SAWS My Account. Once you have logged in to My Account, look for the Rebates & Rewards button in the main navigation menu.

During a typical home consultation, your SAWS conservation consultant will:

STEP 1: Arrive at Your Home

Arrive at your scheduled time to check your irrigation system and evaluate existing landscape conditions.

STEP 2: Review Plant Material

Review your plant material and your landscape goals.

STEP 3: Review Irrigation

Review your irrigation system settings to make sure they are set appropriately to meet your landscape goals.

STEP 4: Review Rebates

Review current rebates and coupons that may be right for you.

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Why Should You Have an Irrigation Consultation?

Frequently Asked Questions

To prepare your home, please open your garage, clear a path to your controller, and open any gates to access your backyard. Additionally, please ensure any pets are secured inside your
home. Someone over the age of 18 must be home for the appointment to sign a consent form to allow us to run your irrigation system.

No, no one will be entering your home. The consultants will remain outside and can communicate over the phone if you prefer to stay indoors. Please make your request for a no contact consultation when scheduling your appointment.

Yes, the consultant will be running your irrigation system to check for any issues or leaks. Additionally, they will check how much water each or most of your zones use to verify if there
are any unseen leaks.

No. You may choose to stay inside your home while our consultants are at your residence. They will communicate with you via phone calls as they walk around your yard to inspect your irrigation system.

Yes. After your consultation, you can find a summary of your irrigation report online at SAWS My Account. Once you have logged in to My Account, your  Irrigation Report can be found under the Rebates & Rewards button in the main navigation menu.

A person who has access to the app must be home for the appointment so that they may run the system for the consultant. If you are doing a no-contact consultation, this may require pausing conversation to switch over to the app, but we anticipate it will not cause problems.

Each consultant’s temperature will be taken in the morning at SAWS headquarters prior to leaving for irrigation consultations. Consultants will wear face masks, wipe controllers with disinfectant wipes before and after touching them, carry hand sanitizer and maintain social distancing with any residents at the home.

You can expect the consultant will arrive during the assigned time window. In addition, they will call you to notify you that they are on their way to your house which could be as little as a few minutes’ notice. Please answer the phone and ensure you have taken all of the necessary steps to prepare for your consultation before the consultant arrives.

The decision is always yours to make. The consultant will ask if you would like them to change your settings and will only change them if given explicit consent. This means you can say yes or no to the recommendations for your irrigation control settings from the SAWS consultant.


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